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    This moodle course provided Washington educators an opportunity to participate in a focus group for the Smarter Balanced high school mathematics assessment. This focus group will inform the implementation of ESHB 2224, directing that the Smarter Balanced high school mathematics assessment be administered in 10th grade instead of 11th grade.

    Passed in July 2017, ESHB 2224 directs that the high school assessments in both math and ELA be administered in the 10th grade, starting in spring 2018. This 10th grade assessment will be used to determine whether students are “on track to be career and college ready at the end of the student’s high school experience.” This change from 11th grade to 10th grade testing will impact the content on the high school mathematics assessment, notably excluding content first introduced in a third-year mathematics courses such as Algebra 2 and Integrated Math III. Full text of ESHB 2224 is online at the Washington legislative website.

    Thank you to all the educators who provided their feedback. We will be compiling that feedback and passing it along to an advisory group of educators for additional recommendations and specifics on changes to the high school mathematics assessment for Spring 2018.

    If you have any questions about this work to implement ESHB 2224, please feel free to contact me at any time. Thank you.

    Anton Jackson
    Director of Assessment Development
    Assessment and Student Information
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